(Originally posted on July 29, 2015)


Allowable Business Expenses

One of the first questions asked by a new business owner is “What can I claim as business expenses?”

Under the Income Tax Act, there is no true definition of what constitutes an allowable deduction against business or professional income. Essentially, any expense incurred directly related to the operation of your business or in direct relation to earning professional income is an allowable deduction. It would be impossible to list every deduction allowed in computing business income, because in theory, any expense incurred for the purpose of earning income is deductible. There are certain restrictions and exceptions to this guideline.

(Originally posted on July 24, 2015)


Ledgers (Coquiltam) Presents at Chamber of Commerce Luncheon

Lea Latham, Ledgers (Coquitlam) along with Matthew Bennett of Intuit made a presentation on the benefits and features of QuickBooks Online for members and guests of the Coquitlam Chamber of Commerce yesterday.  Lea says “it went very well and I believe I got several client leads from it, Both Matt & I were very pleased with it.”

(Originally posted on July 24, 2015)


Ledgers (Cape Breton) Featured in Cape Breton Post


Ledgers (Cape Breton) and Merrill Carmichael were featured today in a great article in the Cape Breton Post; this article was written in response to our 3 events recently hosted in the Sydney NS area.

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(originally posted on July 23, 2015)


Fabulous Grand Opening in Sydney, NS


Merrill Carmichael, the new Ledgers Franchise Owner in Sydney NS and Ledgers Canada President Gordon Haslam put on 3 events in just 2 days. The first event, with Business Cape Breton featured a luncheon with local business owners and the Mayor; Gordon made a presentation on the Evolution of Ledgers.

The 2nd Event was a Grand Opening Cocktail reception held at Flavor on the water, approximately 40 guests dropped in for a meet and greet.

The 3rd event was a ‘Bankers SureStart’ luncheon, held at the Holiday Inn in Sydney; about 15 guests were in an attendance and enjoyed lunch and a brief presentation on the benefits of the Ledgers SureStart program for new businesses!

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