(Originally posted on February 22, 2016)


Ledgers is Opening a New Location in Burnaby, BC


Ledgers is pleased to announce the awarding of a new franchise in Burnaby. Our newest Network Member is Albino Lara Jonguitud is the proud owner.

Albino Lara Jonguitud will be up running by the end of February, please visit their website at http://burnaby.ledgers.com for full contact information.

(Originally posted on February 3, 2016)


CRA’s Annual Office Audit Letter Campaign


We have recently been informed that it is time for the Canada Revenue Agency’s annual fishing trip! CRA will soon be conducting its seventh annual Office Audit Letter Campaign.

Starting shortly, the CRA will send approximately 30,000 “intent-to-audit” letters to selected groups of individual taxpayers and business owners who claim consecutive business or rental losses or who are employees claiming employment expenses on line 229 of their tax return. (Form T777)

The objective for CRA is to encourage recipients of the letter to take a second look at their tax returns and to determine if they have in fact made an error or oversight.

If errors or oversights are identified, CRA would then like the taxpayer to make the necessary corrections through ‘My Account’ on the CRA Website or by submitting form T1-ADJ for the relevant year(s).

CRA says the objective of these campaigns is to help small business owners and individual taxpayers to better understand their obligations and responsibilities when it comes to the Income Tax Act.

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(Originally posted on January 22, 2015)


Ledgers Canada Awarded 2015 Readers’ Choice Award


Ledgers Canada has been honoured by the people of Newmarket and area with the Reader’s Choice Award for Accounting Services!


Read more HERE.

Readers Choice Award 2015 Ledgers


(Originally posted on January 5, 2016)


Tax Time Tips Prepare Now, Save Later!


Yes, it is time to start thinking about your taxes again! Following are some tips to help you to minimize your family tax burden:

  1. 1. Be organized; keeping your receipts in a safe place will ensure you get all of the deductions and credits you are entitled to. A small lost receipt for Daycare, medical, children’s fitness etc. could cost you tax dollars
  2. 2. Contribute to RRSP’s; every dollar you invest could save you up to $40 in income tax. Additionally, interest earned while in the RRSP is tax-deferred

(Originally posted on December 7, 2015)


Is Your Business Ready for Year-End?


The end of the year does not have to bring woes to your business, in fact, it should represent a time to reflect on the successes (and failures) of the previous year and a time to look forward to the upcoming year, your business plans and goals.

When thinking about year-end, the obvious comes to mind; T4’s, taxes, reconciliation’s and financial statements.

You should however consider the less obvious; that is, your business plan.

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