Income Tax for First Responders



When we are in need, we call you because we know that in these situations you are the best person to call.

So, why you would allow your Tax Issues to be solved by someone with little or no formal education? Or by using a ‘off the shelf’ software?

CRA loves when people use 'off the shelf' software', because people make mistakes. The average person does not know what they can and cannot claim and although the software may walk you through an interview process, it does not KNOW YOU.

Only a Tax Professional will take the time to know you and your personal situation; this knowledge is then used to prepare your tax return to ensure that you pay only the amount of taxes that you are legally required to.

We understand the challenges and issues that you face for us daily, so we want to be your First Responder to CRA issues.

Call us! You are entitled to receive a 50% discount on your Personal Tax Preparation! Ledgers appreciates your dedication to our community and this is our way of showing you our support!


Ledgers is a National Network of Accounting and Business Professionals with the training, skills, support, and tools that also provide the Following Services:

  • • Accounting / Bookkeeping
  • • Incorporations / Registrations
  • • Year End Financial Statements
  • • Personal Income Tax Preparation
  • • Corporate Income Tax Preparation
  • • Business Planning Services
  • • Business Advisory Services
  • • Payroll and Related Services
  • • Audits & Reviews


Now it's our turn to be there for you!







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