The Chaos at CRA Continues

More stories from the small business community

Last month we wrote about the CRA and how they violate their own rules.

We received an enormous amount of comments from other Small Business Owners and others and how they have been treated, ignored and neglected by CRA.


Here are a few highlights:

Ledgers is Opening a New Location in Bradford, ON!


Ledgers Canada is pleased to announce the awarding of a new franchise in Bradford. Our newest Network Member Tim Johnston is the proud owner.

Please visit their website at for full contact information.

Is the CRA Out of Control? They Violate Their Own Rules!


As Canadians, we have an inherent obligation to pay taxes; we also have rights under “The Taxpayer Bill of Rights”.


CRA however, does not seem to believe in a lot of these rights lately.


We have seen directly and heard from other Accounting Firms, how unbelievably aggressive the CRA has become lately, and how they have thrown the rules out the window.


Here are a couple of examples:

Proposed changes to tax system could destroy small business!


The Federal Minister of Finance has proposed some significant changes to the Income Tax Act, that could have a dramatic and catastrophic affect on Small Business.

There are 3 proposed changes that could effectively kill the small business as we know it.

1. Income “Sprinkling” - Many small business owners employ and pay family members for working in the business; this has been done since the dawn of time. Although this splitting of income has always been on the radar of CRA, the government now proposes to take it a step further.

IF the changes are approved, CRA will be able to apply a ‘reasonableness test’ to determine if in fact, the family member is actually an employee or the business owner is merely attempting to save on taxes by incurring the payroll costs within the business.

CRA Debt Forgiveness

It's a MYTH!


There is a common misconception, when it comes to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), that you can settle a debt.

This month, we are playing the role of myth-buster with regard to this, and explaining why CRA debt forgiveness just does not exist.

“The CRA will never make a deal to reduce or eliminate your debt, no matter how it occurred.”

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