(Originally posted on October 26, 2015)


Ledgers Canada hands out awards at Annual Conference in Las Vegas NV.


Ledgers Canada hosted its 11th annual conference in Las Vegas October 21st – 25th at the New York New York Hotel and Casino.

Held annually in different locations across North America, the annual conference allows the Ledgers Franchise owners to meet with their peers, attend informational seminars and to learn from Strategic Partners what the future has to offer.

The theme of this year’s event was ‘Firm of the Future’ a description that is indicative of the direction Ledgers is going. “Embracing and adapting to technological advances will allow Ledgers Franchise owners to provide more efficient services and more detailed financial information to our clients; these advances allow Ledgers to provide more valuable information in a much timelier fashion” said Gordon Haslam, President & CEO of the Ledgers Group of Companies.

The culmination of the Annual Conference is the recognition of certain franchise locations for their excellence in several categories.


The ‘QuickStart’ award is presented each year to a franchise location that has been with the Ledgers Brand for less than 18 months and has excelled in growth in their client base in a short period of time. This year, Ken Jacobsen the owner of the Burlington, ON Ledgers Franchise received the award. “Ken has shown how quickly a franchise can grow my implementing and following the marketing systems available to Ledgers Franchise owners. He has seen tremendous rewards for his dedication and efforts to promoting his business” said Gordon Haslam. Upon receiving the award, Ken stated “my goal is to be in the Top 10 in terms of revenue by the time we reach the 2016 annual conference”. (See burlington.ledgers.com for full contact information).

The second award recipient was Gulam Madari of Ledgers (Ottawa West); he received the ‘Dedication to Customer Service Award'. This award recognizes the franchise location that goes above and beyond to care for the needs of their clients; “Gulam exemplifies the dedication to customer service that sets Ledgers apart from other Financial Services providers” said Gordon Haslam. Upon receiving the award, Gulam a former Franchise of the Year recipient said “I must be doing a really great job to be receiving this accolade for the 2nd time.” (See ottawaw.ledgers.com for more information).

The next award was presented to Angie Ritchie and Angie Paull, co-owners of the Medicine Hat AB Ledgers location for ‘Best Marketing Initiative’. “Since joining the Ledgers System about 14 months ago, the Angie’s have taken marketing to a new level and their revenues have almost tripled. They never miss out on an opportunity to promote their business” stated Gordon Haslam. “we really make great partners and loving what we do for a living makes it so much easier” commented Angie Ritchie. (See medicinehat.ledgers.com for more information).

The awards dinner culminated with a presentation to George Hasrouni of Ledgers (Laval) for our highest honour, ‘Franchise of the Year’. “In just over 2 years with Ledgers, George has not only reached our Top 10 in terms of revenue but has attained the second highest position, this is a truly incredible accomplishment for such a short period of time. George is a tremendous asset to the Ledgers Brand, regularly offering assistance to other Franchise owners and promoting Ledgers at every opportunity, he truly deserves this recognition for his extraordinary efforts” said Gordon Haslam. George also noted “I am very proud to be a member of such a great Network of business professionals and am very grateful for this recognition.” (See laval.ledgers.com for more information).

Visit http://www.ledgers.com/en/about-us/our-locations for full contact information for our award recipients.


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