Is Your Business Ready for Year-End?

The end of the year does not have to bring woes to your business, in fact, it should represent a time to reflect on the successes (and failures) of the previous year and a time to look forward to the upcoming year, your business plans and goals.

When thinking about year-end, the obvious comes to mind; T4’s, taxes , reconciliation’s and financial statements.

You should however consider the less obvious; that is, your business plan.

When looking at your business plan, ask yourself a couple of very specific questions:

  1. Did we reach our goals for the current year?
  2. Why or Why Not?
  3. What are our goals for the coming year?
  4. How will we achieve these goals?

These are very basic questions, but asking them of yourself and your staff can provide insight and build a team atmosphere around your business objectives.

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